Choroi Quinta Pentatonic Flute Cherry Wood 440 Hz No Toneblock


Quinta Pentatonic Flute 440 Hz no tone block. The Quinta Pentatonic Flutes were specially developed for children to support their free-playing. The flutes are very convincing when played in a group: also with a larger class, the sound stays pleasant and soft.

These flutes are easy to play. In particular the labium without a tone block enables you to play with a relaxed mouth posture so your air is flowing free.

Cherry wood, A= 440 Hz, 6 finger holes, range: d''-e''-g''-a''-b''-d'''-e'''

Accessories: wooden cleaning swab, cotton flute bag, manual

More Information
Country of ManufactureSweden
Tuning in A440 Hz
ToneQuinta Pentatonic
Wood typecherry wood