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Delivery and collection
Delivery options
*Who delivers your order?*
You can see which delivery options you can choose in the shopping basket. 
Delivery by Under Mercurius Canada Ltd. you can order until hours to have your order delivered to your home the next working day. Are...
Order status
We will keep you informed on the status of your order. This refers to the notifications you can receive. The order: You receive: has been correctly processed   the order confirmation by email  has left our warehouse...
Will call
Would you prefer to pick up your order yourself? You can contact our office to arrange for pick up from our warehouse in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Simply include a message to us when ordering so we can expect to hear from you. You can collect your order ...
Parcel not received and other questions
You expected a parcel from Mercurius Canada Ltd., but it has not been supplied by us. First check the points below: Check the parcel’s Track & Trace code in your account You can find the Track & Trace code in your account. ...
Change your address
Have you moved or have you ordered something sent to an incorrect address? Please notify us as soon as possible! Moving When moving, easily change your shipping address in your Mercurius Canada Ltd. account through our website. It is your responsibility...
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Changing an order
Have you forgotten something? Or do you need to cancel your order? Contact us right away. If the order has not yet left our warehouse, we can immediately change or cancel it for you.
Creating an account
Take advantage of how easy it is at no cost to you. Why should I create an account? Mercurius Canada is happy to support schools, therapist and retailers across Canada. Because of this we do not display our prices to the general public. If you would...
Forgotten password
Have you forgotten your password for your Mercurius Canada Ltd. account? It is easy to reset your password with you email address. First step Click on the log in button at the top right of the page In the entry fields you will see the ´Password ...
Stock status
Unfortunately we don’t show stock status on our webshop, yet. Please contact us if you want to know if the number of items you need are in stock at our Mercurius Canada Ltd. warehouse.
Placing an order
Ordering online from Mercurius Canada Ltd. is quick and simple. Our ordering process consists of four clear steps. Step 1: Place the required article in the shopping basket Go to the item you want to order and select the required quantity. Then click...
Creating an estimate
Please contact us for an estimate. Will be happy to be of service to you.
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Payment options
Credit card At Mercurius Canada Ltd. you can pay by cheque, MasterCard, Visa, and email money transfer. We cannot, unfortunately, accept PayPal. We will send your order as soon as we have received your payment. Your credit card is charged when your ...
Reimbursements and other questions
No worries, we will obviously reimburse you. How do we reimburse you? How we reimburse you is fully down to how you paid. If you have paid by credit card and you have returned the complete order, we repay the amount to your credit card. Have you...
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Security and privacy
Personal data protection
Mercurius Canada Ltd. saves your personal data in a secure database. And that’s where it stays. We do not pass your details on to third parties for commercial purposes. We do need some details from you first to have your purchases take place as smoothly...
General conditions
If you use this website you consent to the general conditions below and you agree that these conditions form part of any agreement you conclude with Mercurius Canada. These general conditions are applicable to each order that you place with us, to each...
Accepting cookies is not compulsory for a visit to our website. We would however inform you that use of the "shopping basket" function and the ordering of products is only possible when cookies are accepted. When you visit our website, you automatically...
Safe payment environment
Mercurius Canada Ltd. uses secure internet protection as soon as you start paying for your order. Others cannot see what you are doing. Transaction information is encrypted and sent over internet using SSL. You do not need any special software to pay...
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Customer service
Office hours
Our customer service is accessible by telephone and email during the following opening hours: Opening hours customer service Monday 09.00 AM - 4.30 PM Tuesday 09.00 AM - 4.30 PM Wednesday 09.00 AM - 4.30 PM Thursday ...
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Our contact details
T. 807-345-9557 Mercurius...
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Returns and exchanging
Returning your product
Whenever possible we hope you order exactly what you need. In the event you need to return product, you are welcome to contact us for a Return Form. This helps us track the product as we receive it back into our warehouse inventory. Furthermore it helps...
Status of your return
We like to keep you informed. And this not only with an order, but certainly also with a return. At My Returns you can view when your parcel has been received at our warehouse and what we are going to do for you. In most cases it takes a maximum of ...
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