Malen und Zeichnen 1. bis 8. Schuljahr

<span>Painting &amp; Drawing in Waldorf Schools: Classes 1 to 8 - by Thomas Wildgruber.&nbsp;
This comprehensive teachers' manual provides a complete artistic curriculum for Classes 1 to 8 in Steiner-Waldorf schools. With 280 practical exercises and over 800 drawings and paintings as inspiring examples.

2 languages available. Language: 0 English | 1 German

Thomas Wildgruber. Thomas Wildgruber, born 1946, studied philosophy, political science and journalism. He was a research assistant in the field of international development and politics, and subsequently trained as a Waldorf teacher in Mannheim. Since 1979 he has been a Waldorf class teacher, and craft and art teacher. His encounter with the painter Lajos Boros led to efforts to develop art education out of the 'pictorial resources'. He gives courses to teachers on the theme of """"""""Painting with rules of play"""""""".</span>
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