seven arts
twelve senses

Through each of our 12 senses we enter into a certain relationship with ourselves and our environment.

With the sense of life, the sense of movement and the sense of balance we perceive our own physical existence and bodies. We feel happy or unhappy, move and take a physical position vis-à-vis our surroundings. The fact that we sense ourselves as entities within our physical bodies is the basis of our self-awareness.

Through the sense of touch we make contact with the world and learn more about limits when we apply pressure. And by experiencing extreme situations and limits, we ultimately gain self-knowledge.

Through the sense of smell, the sense of taste and the sense of sight, quality and matter are revealed to us. By using these senses, we differentiate between a good and bad smell, sweet and sour tastes, colours, meanings of colours, etc. In this way we learn to differentiate and form opinions. We develop taste and a feeling for good and evil. The sense of warmth enables us to penetrate the surface of bodies and objects and to perceive something about their condition.

The sense of hearing, the sense of speech, the thought sense and the ego-sense enable us to perceive our own egos in relation to other beings. All these senses make us social and responsible human beings.


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