tips & manuals
  wax crayons - introduction and first steps
(726 kb)
  wax crayons - working materials and practical tips for use
(389 kb)
  wax crayons - painting and layering
(580 kb)
  wax crayons - etching technique / sgraffito
(690 kb)
  wax crayons - melting technique
(615 kb)
  wax crayons and water colours
(589 kb)
  painting with wax crayons
(561 kb)
  water colours - introduction and first steps
(729 kb)
  water colours - working materials
(552 kb)
  water colours - mixing colours
(811 kb)
  water colours - wet-in-wet technique
(478 kb)
  water colours - wet-on-dry technique
(466 kb)
  water colours - cover-up technique
(640 kb)
  decorating wax - introduction
(444 kb)
  decorating wax - working materials
(588 kb)
  decorating wax - decorating candles
(451 kb)
  decorating wax - decorating objects
(647 kb)
  decorating wax - bas-reliefs with modelling wax
(529 kb)
  decorating wax - stencils
(154 kb)
  instructions for decorating candles
(441 kb)
  making flower children with modelling wax
(575 kb)
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