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Cultural development has been accompanied by pictures since the very beginning. They mirror man's progress through all time periods. They are simultaneously historical documents and testimony of the development of self-awareness, even today. More so than in other art forms, painting has a spiritual aspect. Theme and composition, light and darkness, use of colour and craftsmanship confront both the artist and viewer with personal and contemporary questions.

The ability to imagine or create an image of something in one's mind is always accompanied by the desire to actually create it. If this elemental human urge were to die out or disappear, and if creating images in one's mind were no longer possible, man would be cut off from one of his most significant possibilities to further develop himself.

Children are spontaneous painters. Very early in life they express themselves in pictures by drawing elemental symbols. They at first use colour as a means of expression, and here it is the feeling of the colour that plays an important role. Painting is greatly significant for a child's development. By consciously giving shape to their world of impressions, children deal with and internalize their own experiences. And they experience their creative works as confirmation of their abilities.

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