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Through our sense of hearing we are able to perceive noises, tones, sounds and words. By so doing we are able not only to hear but to listen, to hear each other, to listen to each other. This builds a bridge to the other person; and this is why hearing brings a social element into our culture.

With our sense of hearing we are able to perceive the tone of things. The tone reveals the "soul of a body... the tone expresses the individual nature and the personal note of a body so that it contributes to the sensation" (Rudolf Steiner).

art makes sense

In its edition from April, 6th, 2000, the German newspaper "Die Zeit" the Federal Ministry for Education reported on a study that had confirmed the benefits of musical education. "Music is the utmost social medium. It brings people together. When playing music together, people depend on each other to create something together. ... we actually discovered that intelligence increases significantly after four years of musical education" (Prof. Hans Günther Bastian).

Not only music trains the sense of hearing, but listening to language, for example poems. All art forms train the sense of hearing in which listening to each other is important in order to contribute as an individual to a group:

Playing instruments, theatrical performance, dancing, eurythmy, recitation of poems

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