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twelve senses

Through our sense of balance, we establish ourselves in a certain relationship to the space around us. If their sense of balance is upset, people get dizzy and lose their spatial orientation. When a young child gets up for the very first time, tries to find his balance and takes its very first step, it's a significant moment in its human development.

There is no other living creature besides man that walks erect. Being balanced means feeling good, taking a stand and knowing where we stand. Making our point of view clear to others provokes them to take a standpoint themselves, and this poses the question of how to bring the different points of view into balance. Idioms like "being balanced" or "losing one's balance" reflect the role this sense plays.

art makes sense

All kinds of symmetrical exercises train balance, such as painting, modelling or carving balanced shapes such as balls or eggs. A child also trains its sense of balance when it recognizes rhythmical sequences of musical notes, shades of colour, words or movements.

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