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Architecture is the oldest of the plastic arts. Initially, this art form developed almost exclusively in the service of religion and religious cults. Art was the expression of man's connection with the gods, and it was this knowledge that gave the impulse for the creation of wonderful temples and sacral buildings.

In contrast, today's architecture is no longer based on such metaphysical knowledge but has a more practical character dictated by the necessities of modern civilization. Buildings constructed in the world of business, transportation and administration have a functional character but are also an expression of contemporary art.

While children do not create architecture, they do experience that they are directly affected by the rooms they move and live in. The living-space children grow up in makes a difference. Good architectural design has a positive effect on their souls and therefore contributes to their healthy development.

In his essay "The Christian Community, Impulses and Ideas", Lothar Hill remarks that merely the sight of architecture that is in every detail artistically alive very sensitively stimulates a related creative process within us. In the case of children this effect is much more direct, which is why it is so important to design kindergartens and schools from pedagogical standpoints, as Waldorf schools and Waldorf kindergartens attempt to do.

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