seven arts
twelve senses

Mercurius offers a complete, thoroughly tested range of products for the Waldorf schools and kindergartens under the motto

•  nurturing the senses
•  products for the practising the 7 arts

Especially for children, an environment rich in sensory experiences is extremely important for healthy development. If such conditions don't exist as a result, for example, of excessive TV-viewing or exclusive use of electronic toys, it can hinder certain abilities or even cause deficits in overall development.

But educators and parents have a possibility to effectively counteract this with creative arts and the wealth of experience they offer.

At the initiative of Stockmar and in cooperation with Mercurius NL we have created an international, quality-orientated service-partnership entitled

Mercurius - art makes sense

Together with our partners all over the world, we offer the only full-scale Waldorf-tested school and kindergarten programme. Our common goal is:

•  to provide worldwide delivery of materials for art lessons at Waldorf schools - quality products with reliable delivery and good cost effectiveness.

And, in order to be your reliable sales partner, you can find us right here in your own country:

•  We offer a full colour cataloque with the sortiment you need;
•  we maintain a warehouse for very urgent deliveries;
•  we're familiar with the local school requirements;
•  we value personal contact and your comments;
•  we process claims and returns promptly.

Think global - act local! That means: We function as an autonomous unit within the global network of Mercurius partners.

With this backup we'll be able to offer educators an extra service beginning in mid-2002: you can buy directly via our Mercurius Canada webshop. That's another extra for you.

Last but not least, we want to underline our conviction that future-oriented quality can only be achieved through the mutual cooperation and trust of all participants. This is what we are practising with you, our customers and manufacturers. Through our working agreements with the companies Stockmar and Choroi, for example, we are committed to continually improving and developing our product quality.

Thank you very much for your interest.


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at STORE_OWNER you'll find wax crayons and Stockmar wax colouring blocks as well as Choroi flutes, moreover lyres and also glockenspiel, moreover also paper and, of course, also watercolour, modelling wax and modelling beeswax as well as pencils, moreover Auris and also beeswax candles, moreover also painting accessories and, of course, also wooden toys, leather school bags and Catalogue and online-shop for schools, kindergarten, hobby, artists, artisans and handwork, education in arts and also music as well as toys. Essays on arts and creativity.
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